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“The first year I [outsourced] the parking concession,” Walt Disney recalled, “I brought in the usual security guards – things like that – but I soon realized my mistake.  I couldn’t have outside help and still put over my idea of hospitality.  So now we recruit and train every one of our employees.”

Walt Disney explaining why he stopped outsourcing work at Disneyland, as quoted in the Disney Corporation’s “The Magic Begins With Me: A Happiest Celebration on Earth Keepsake.”

Walt Disney himself found that outsourcing jobs lowered standards of guest service at the parks.  Today, Walt Disney World seems to have forgotten the lessons of the past with its recent decision to replace hundreds of dedicated long-term Walt Disney World employees with outside contractors.  Some of the jobs being outsourced include valet parking and baggage service jobs, custodians and stage technicians.  As a result, the first person who greets visitors to the parks and resorts may no longer be a Disney cast member.

Outsourcing these jobs is just one more way in which Disney is eroding standards for workers.  While Disney is required to offer jobs to displaced workers, many of the positions offered pay less than what workers originally earned.  By replacing them with workers that are paid less and offered few, if any, benefits, Walt Disney World is undermining standards for workers and their families.

Not only is Walt Disney World lowering standards with outsourcing, its actions have attracted the scrutiny of the federal government.  According to the National Labor Relations Board (NLRB), Disney allegedly violated labor laws when it displaced 180 custodial employees who clean hotel lobbies and ballrooms.  Days before the company was to appear before an administrative law judge, Disney agreed to settle the charges.  According to the settlement with the NLRB, Walt Disney World will be required to pay over $118,000 to the affected workers.