We are DISNEY!


Q. How can I support the Cast Members at Walt Disney World?
A. Let Disney executives know how you feel. Tell them that you support the thousands of Disney workers who work so hard to create a magical experience for visitors and their families. Sign our petition!
Q. Will contract negotiations affect my visit to Walt Disney World?
A. We hope that our negotiations with Walt Disney World will not become contentious. We do not currently anticipate any disruption that will affect your time at Walt Disney World. Cast Members are committed to the work they do and are dedicated to ensuring that you and your family have the best vacation experience possible.

Q. How can I keep track of the negotiations?
A. Bookmark this website and check it periodically for updates. Or, you can sign up for regular updates by clicking here.

Q. How do I know that the Walt Disney World employee that I meet while vacationing here is actually a Disney cast member and not an employee of a contractor?
A. In some cases, contracted employees wear uniforms that identify their company. However, there are some locations where contracted workers wear Disney costumes and Disney nametags. If you have any questions about the actual status of a Walt Disney World employee, ask a Walt Disney World manager if the particular individual works for an outside contractor. For more information on contractors, click here.