We are DISNEY!

Syltanise Derival
Cast Member, EPCOT
12 years of service
I depend on my job to support my siblings and mother in Haiti.  But it is harder for me to support them on my wages when Disney increases our health insurance costs.  In recent years, Walt Disney World has raised the deductibles and the cost of prescription coverage.
I’m afraid that one day I won’t be able to afford medication and doctors’ visits after paying for the insurance.  Our wages simply aren’t keeping up with the cost of health insurance.
Claudino Rosario
Cast Member, Animal Kingdom
12 years of service
Walt Disney World has changed a lot since I started there 12 years ago.  Our wages are no longer keeping up with the cost of benefits.  It has gotten to the point that new hires are not staying at Walt Disney World because of the low starting wage, and older workers like me end up picking up the slack.
Eli Rivera
Cast Member, Disney-MGM Studios
9 years of service
I teach the custodial class at Disney University.  Custodians ask me why I tell them that Disney workers make the magic for the guests when they see Disney hiring subcontractors to replace them.
I am very concerned about outsourcing because it undercuts our wages and benefits – both of which I depend on to support my mother, my wife and four children.
Marie Belasthon
Cast Member, Magic Kingdom
15 years of service
I am concerned about our health insurance.  I spend over $100 a month on generic drugs alone.  I don’t understand why Disney won’t set up a free pharmacy like other employers do.  That way other cast members like me could afford the medicine we need.
Janice Butler
Cast Member, Animal Kingdom
15 years of service
I am a single mother and I pay $280 month to cover childcare for my daughter.  A few years ago, I could not pay rent without accepting an alcoholic roommate who was almost impossible to evict.  Since then, the cost of living has skyrocketed but the pay has not kept up with big increases in our medical insurance.
Judy Claypool
Cast Member, Disney-MGM Studios
17 years of service
When Walt Disney out sources our jobs, they disrespect our hard work and years of service.  I have spent almost two decades working at Disney and need my job to support my disabled husband.  I think if Disney really cared about the cast members, they would not outsource our work.